Terms used in online casino

Online casino business is one among those businesses which has grown very rapidly and also gathers number of enthusiastic gambling players. The many varieties of games availability is making them to engage these players in the online casino. The gambling world is generating revenue all over the world with very fast speed. This has also made many entrepreneurs to invest in the gambling industry. The vast growth has really astonished the world industrialist. judi slot has given people very good experience of playing online casino games. They have been wining huge amounts by playing regular games.

  • Wager requirements: To withdraw the bonus earned or to get some bonus in online casino you must play some fixed amount of bet this is termed as wagering requirements.
  • Under play: Under play is the way when a player plays his hand when the wining chance is more and the player is at stronger hand.
  • Table stake: It is the rule on the table game that player cannot add or remove the chips already kept on the table.
  • Time cut: It is the amount which is been charged by the online casino to the player for playing poker rooms.
  • Sticky wilds: Theses are similar to the wild symbols in the slot machine game but only difference is that they stick to the playing grids.
  • Silver mining: This is time when the players more from one slot machine to the other slot machine to find the coins that are lying unattended.
  • Royal flush: In case if there are no wild cards than the best combination hands formed between the players is called the royal flush.
  • Reload bonus: Whenever the already registered player makes some deposit in the online casino than the online casino offer them the reloaded bonus.
  • Qualifier: To bet during a game the players need to meet some conditions those are called qualifier.
  • Payout percentage: It is the amount which the online casino pays to the players based on the total number of bets they have played.
  • Pit manager: The pit manager is a person who manages many casino tables at a time.
  • Maker: When a player while playing the game writes a check or request for the more credits is called the maker.
  • Local casino: This term is used to differentiate the land based casino as in some places the land based casino has different casinos for the locals and the tourists.


Hope this information will be helpful to all the new and old gamblers.