Madden NFL 21: Joe Haeg receive new ratings

The Pittsburgh Steelers have just added a new player to their squad, we talk about Joe Haeg, former player of the current NFL champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

For this reason, EA Sports has just joined Haeg to the Steelers roster in the game’s Franchise Mode and, to make his inclusion more realistic, they decided to alter his attributes to adapt them to his current performance after having participated in the last Super Bowl.

Haeg will fill the same role he filled with the Buccaneers. His attributes are not those of a star but he can become quite a useful player if you know how to get the most out of him without wanting him to have a leading role in most of your offensive plays.

Beyond the fact that he has already played in the NFL for many years, Haeg does not have enough attributes to become a starter for your team, so his role will always be secondary.

In fact, the player will only have an OVR of 61 points despite the modifications that EA Sports made when they added him to the Steelers.

His ratings were pretty consistent throughout the year and he was always around 60 points, far from being one of the best linemen in the game, but not among the worst either.

If you want to join Haeg to your team, it is best to give him the responsibility of being the third tackle. This is practically the only way to take advantage of this player in the game, since he only has 63 run blocking points, 67 pass blocking points and 26 receiving points.

In fact, Haeg was famous on Super Bowl night because Tom Brady used him to make a trick play that would have gone very well if Haeg had caught the ball, which he did not do and so the play was a complete waste for his team , although they managed to win the match.

Beyond the fact that Haeg’s contribution was not as significant in this game, his appearance served to increase his popularity and also disprove Madden NFL 21’s prediction about the game, since the game predicted that the Chiefs would win with a score of 37 -27.

Last season, Haeg appeared in a total of 12 games for the Bucs, starting only three of them. Before joining the Tampa Bay team, Joe spent his entire life with the Indianapolis Colts, where he started out as a starter but was later relegated to the third tackle role.

If you are interested in trying Haeg in Madden Ultimate Team, remember that you can always buy Madden Coins to buy your favorite players, although looking at his ratings, you may be able to buy his card at a very good price.

For now, these are the news for Madden NFL 21, as we await the start of next season and the launch of the highly anticipated Madden NFL 22.

Madden NFL 21 is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The game is free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and EA Play subscribers on Xbox Consoles and PC.