Haikyuu Merch Points And the way To unravel Them

He reveals that Shiratorizawa received 25-23 against Seijoh, and Karasuno begins their first real application to prepare for the spring tournament. Upon the news, Karasuno begins to observe tougher for the match how Hinata is submitting badly to strain. Karasuno takes the lead in set 2, but Oikawa’s predictions come true and allow Aoba Jōsai to get again into the match. Elsewhere, Aoba Jōsai battles Shiratorizawa. This provides the crew’s setter, Kozume Kenma, with a tough time when matching up with him. Kuroo is a playful and sly particular person, contrasting Kenma, Nekoma’s setter and his childhood good friend. Kai has a calm and pleasant disposition and is a good buddy with Yaku and Kuroo. Put up-time skip, Yaku plays within the Russian league and becomes a libero for the Japanese nationwide crew.

Enemies: Crew of Kageyama Tobio, a volleyball prodigy who plays the second pass with the nickname The King of the Field. Ushijima is one of the top three aces in japan, together with Nakatsu kiryū and kiyoomi Asakusa, and was the one representative from the Tōhoku area chosen to play for Japan’s beneath-19 team in the Youth World Championships. He may be very polite and calm, often seen with an unexpressive or slightly pressured face, normally due to one of Kōtarō Bokuto’s impending mood swings. Kita has been raised since childhood by his grandma with the idea that the gods are always watching and, as a result, is calm, accrued, and well-mannered, to the point that his teammates feel he’s a different robot than humans.

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