glory hole swallow skills

Finally found enough time to run a lot of errands last Thursday morning and noon, it is possible to re-examine a newly discovered glory hole finally.

Entered the sex shop at about noon, which was empty on Saturday at noon as it was the last time I visited. After paying and entering the dimly lit long hall, you can see a few people at the end of the leading open booth.

Interestingly, since this time, I know what might be waiting on that end. I walked about halfway down the hallway, then walked to the other side, and glanced at the pornographic content played on each open booth. My fantasy is nothing, but pornography is not the focus of my interview.

Attracted to the exciting end of the store, I glanced at the empty stall again, and apart from a glance, I didn’t see the three or four people wandering around. But they are not really in the booth, their position at the entrance seems to have a certain sense of space reserved. The “straight” booth is free. When people catch a glimpse of pornographic videos and then close the door, pornographic videos are acceptable. Someone blocked the glory Hole with a new roll of tissue.

After entering the booth, it was unexpectedly private, so I began to pay more attention to this kind of pornography-it seemed to be a woman in a maid uniform, fucked by her hands and knees from behind. Both people on the screen seemed to be very happy, although the woman could hardly be seen because she was still wearing a top and skirt. However, her actions were obviously amusement, and this fact also applies to the point that a man’s ass swaying back and forth deeply twitches his erect cock back and forth.

I locked the door and heard that the door of the other booth closed quickly. When finishing the arrangement of the things in the booth, the guy flicked from the other side, which surprised me a bit. The smooth wood inlay openings are as attractive as last time, and this is not the first time I have got off here. Nevertheless, the almost trivial flick did surprise me a bit, a feeling that merged with my already eager state, because I knew that forbidden happiness was shared with strangers. The high mood still makes me feel like flying on sky. Or at least follow my thoughts, sometimes, it’s hard to know the part of my decision at this moment.

Another surprise was the fact that I noticed the reality of the porn played in front of a me-the maid was a lady-boy, stroking “her stuff rather large, hard cock during intercourse. Although this is not one of my tastes, I occasionally like to porn with transgender people, even once with another man (the woman who married this man married the woman who asked me to turn on the vibrator). Especially when the centre of my cock has started to stir.

It was fun to enjoy some weird pornography, even though the embarrassment still plagued that anyone else was deeply entangled in my interest. The embarrassment disappeared, but it disappointed me much. Until now, I have been standing facing the screen, but after unzipping my pants and reaching for the semi-rigid cock, I sit in a compact chair, stroking myself harder, while enjoying the hot view in front of me. My attention is focused on the hard cock of the shemale, making her ass do an excellent job.

And look at the other end much and more frequently. The man was sitting there like me, his legs stretched out comfortably, and he felt his monstercock, his pants wrapped around his feet, just like me.

After a while, a finger came in and motioned for my monster cock to follow me. I’m a little too slow to touch his fingers with my fingers, although my follow-up fingers are expected to prove that we both want to play the same game style, even though the stranger doesn’t say a word. Complete privacy is part of the attraction found in such an environment, even if in the end, there is no real secret about what happened in the Glory Cave. Men are free from each other, and its simplicity is irresistible. Until now, with one exception, it has been pushing each other, or rooster contact and bayonet, which makes me so pure, which makes me very happy.

When my finger was pulled out, a rooster followed. It is not difficult, and maybe the length is average. But it’s incredible that even at this point, my fingers first felt the dry heat and smoothness. And noticed how much my fingers curled around the cock that was already sexier than most people. As he became harder and harder, I started stroking my upright pole, almost losing control, and getting out of the reality of playing with another man’s cock. My pumping fists made my breathing rhythm bigger and faster, but the cock became more and more difficult.

After a minute or two, he stood up, broke the contact, and moved to another position. His fingers beckoned. My cock is ready, I put it on his finger without hesitation, and now he gently pulls and strokes his finger. My rooster grew more profound when he happily pulled it, and the warm moisture completely took its place, so that it lost a little sense and delayed the thickness of the honey. This must be the first time his wet lips have touched the cock I want and hope. The feeling is new but familiar, and the sense of pleasure is increasing, but I have been sinking into the mouth of a stranger, completely bewildered by his voluntary aspiration. I want more love like this, I want more, this is a glorious fact. However, this is only the second time in the magnificent hole. His style is much softer than just asking or suppressing, and it’s incredibly smooth.

Since this is not entirely surprising, considering that even before my cock enters the halo hole, the cross-sectional view of him kneeling can deeply enjoy his first bite and then pull it back, I didn’t expect to be sucked, even if it conceals some self-deception-indeed, sucking my cock is just a random incident. It’s not because you want it secretly-or not secretly like it is now. Letting a man suck me is something I desire again.

My fingers quickly passed through the now clear opening and reached his cock. He moved quickly so that they could easily feel his erect, really thick cock. I tried the same technique with my fingers, pulled him into glory, and got the same result. When I rubbed the still wet cock with his strong cock, his unusual thickness became obvious. The diameter of my rooster is relatively average in my eyes, at most only half its thickness. However, the difference in size caused him to see and feel how big he was and was surprised at how much he had to accommodate.

His hand stretched out, and we started to move the cock together, his fingers slid on my cock again, and when he pulled back his cock, he pulled it hard. Now, not only are my fingers guiding my fishing rod, but the motion of his cock takes me deeper until I lean against the wall and am captivated by a man who knows how to make me want more. Even if he always wants my cock, whose cock makes me horny. He is more concerned and eager for his growing rooster than I wish. He wanted to make another man happy, I stopped resisting, my cock moved deeper towards his head, his hands hovering on top of my head prevented me from moving further towards his pubic bone-the length of my cock Some are long, because of his size.

When my cock passed ultimately, he shifted his position so that I could enter his magical mouth to make more misjudgments and stop cum in a few seconds of happiness. His style gently governs an exciting combination, which makes me very satisfied. Although I don’t know why, my cock is sucked by someone who wants me to admire it, but I have no confidence at all, which makes me dissolve Everything. This is the third time in my life that a man is full of a state of complete satisfaction with my cock. A man now owns my cock. It is undeniable that this has led me on a causal path. His desire is clear, and this is part of the skills that make a true craftsman unique.

When I felt razed and leaned against the wall, my mind at least recovered a little. This is another significant part of the unique excitement of the Glory Hole-the surface provides an illusion that even if you struggle to go deeper, it will not go too far and flatten against it. My moaning started again, causing him to slow down his sucking speed. Now his hands started cupping and then slipped onto my pubic hair. In that eternal feeling, the idea of tasting my first rooster began to drift in my mind, as out of reach as thinking.

When the possibility of a tempting orgasm faded from the root of my cock, I slowly backed away, moaning “not yet, oh… yes, fuck, yes”, when I When he pulled the rooster back, the mouth he was waiting for knew it was what I wanted. Still, he repeated “not yet” a few times between the unstoppable moaning, and then moved back without any more obstruction, his mouth Finally let me slide away. Space is free, and now my shaking hands are beginning to explore, trying to find the giant rooster I have ever experienced in my life. After sucking my prominent members, it’s challenging now. I held it with my left hand and twitched my burning length with my right hand, trying to get a little calm in the still growing trend. Something that would overwhelm me at some point, although not yet, there is another crest that passes safely, raising me in a wave of almost irresistible cock sucking

Sitting down, not only my hands trembled. I was playing with a stranger’s cock in a booth. The man’s aspiration was incredible, and it was far beyond my ability to resist. Whose cock is as sexy as his knee to me. As my hand guided his thickness through the hole, I tightened his clean crimson and pink skin, then lowered my head, hanging down on the chair, stroking my touch. When I inhale, the smell is irresistible, like any woman’s sexual desire, but purely male.

The healthy and robust smell of warm sex made me fall deeply into a strong foundation. Just like a woman’s pussy at the peak of her monthly cycle. A scent that arouses desire even when satisfied. From a closer look, this is an even more unbelievably thick rooster, and as I breathe harder and harder, it starts to tremble. My mouth keeps moving forward, and the smell keeps me moving. I looked at a hot cock because it began to look full of desire. My tongue stuck out even when I couldn’t grow long enough to reach out.

I couldn’t and didn’t stop at the first contact, tasting the smooth saltiness behind his opened comb. This is the first time in my life that I want to use my tongue to explore a man’s penis. Just because it is the sexiest thing imaginable, I can do it in this state of real hunger. And because it’s time to share at least the same pleasure that is provided so freely. I finally tasted the most intimate place of a man, unstoppable, fascinated by his cock.

It was like being with another man last summer. In another closed, warm room, the heat became more and more prominent, and as my skin became moist, a familiar feeling of sweat enhanced sexual heat. At that time, too, I already sucked my cock. When I licked his balls and balls, at least I didn’t let myself get too close to his attractive comb. I, at least, got a little joy. It was not a wrong choice-because for the first time I smelled a man being opened by a cock, I couldn’t resist.

Holding onto my cock tightly, I was fully aware of how his cock attracted me, and he cared nothing but caring about licking my first cock head (it only took a while). I didn’t think much about it except continuing to experience the cock aroused by a man. Still, slowly, despite the pleasant taste and smell, even as the future is getting closer, the real misjudgment is left to the future. I’m always on the verge; every little step is on the way to the hot Cumming cock who abandons myself completely to strangers at the end.

Although my lips were close to his comb, and my tongue was hovering around it, practical considerations began to increase. Sucking on the cock of a sexy stranger is still an obstacle, even the crumbling, weak cock. I’m not sure how to deal with men’s semen skills. After some thinking, this has become a trivial matter.

I stood up again and moved my penis to his slippery length now. I was still in awe of how big it was when I looked down. It was a scene that was hotter than any porn. When it was his turn to press on the wall, obviously enjoying what happened, I turned around. It seems some. Yin came from him and joined me. I like to rub my penis on another man’s body, and the prospect of the bayonet started to put me in a helpless situation.

Soon, he moved, and his fingers came back with their pleasant invitation. This time, I was taken directly into his willing, skilled mouth, where I began to drown again because of the flick of his tongue, the sliding of his lips on the entire rooster, and the warmth of his beautiful mouth. It became flat again, and I began to mutter “not yet” over and over again. Before Cumming, it was able to pull back, my hand gripped the root of the cock tightly, and the orgasm was retreated by the sudden change of feeling. Up.

His fingers quickly found my cock, and after a while panting, collecting the rest of my attention, just thinking about returning to open his mouth without a doubt. This is the fourth time I know that I cannot resist the cock waiting for me on the other side. My will has run away, replaced by the desire to fill a stranger’s mouth with my hot, horny cock, just as he wanted to accept it.

Sliding in again, his tongue began to magical my comb, a rhythm gently guided me, his tongue melted on my cock. I didn’t move, I had nothing but let him continue. As the release of the orgasm becomes more and more persistent, he is not in a hurry, and I am not in a hurry.

At about this point, my voice began to roll, trying to convey that I was about to fill his mouth with his hot cum. What happened publicly-‘Oh, good cock… I’m okay… nice guys… handsome… make me… cock sucks…’ When my cock started to reach the finals. It swelled before the cum started to flow out of my ball.

After the tongue flicked, there was a gentle climax, and each ecstasy followed the previous one at the pace he created. The words kept jumping around, “Fucking…good…hot…cock sucking…fuck…yes…non-stop…good fucking.” I was covered entirely by his tongue and mouth Overcome by his movements when he kept sucking my cock, and he held the bayonet, his swallowing was only part of the close connection between us. Because neither of us planned to stop, we can no longer guess who is more fascinated by what happened.

Just when he took me to the top, he led me downhill, which is a different feeling. Unlike the rare situation, my cock becomes hard again after bayonet. This is entirely a natural development process of a man. He has talents with sucking talents than any male or female I have ever seen. . Although my pole often becomes too sensitive or itchy after it gets stuck, this time, it is entirely content for shrink slowly and be touched by his mouth. Compared to the past, the contraction takes longer, and it feels better.

The knees were still moaning helplessly. Although the strength weakened, the knees began to drain from the time they were still, becoming the first distraction that became large enough to attract attention, slowly unable to meet actual needs. Now I am quickly put off, and my semi-hard cock is still in the mouth of a stranger. Almost grasped the way this feeling is produced, for example when he slowly moved his mouth back and forth, his tongue was under my cock’s head, the language closed gently, and then when his lips closed, he sucked me deeper, Moved my axis up to the flared ridge, my fool. Try to remember these ideas for future use.

It seemed that I was reclining on the wall for a long time, at least subjectively, after which I finally withdrew. Everything is still in slow motion. I spent a while cleaning and then sorting. His door was opened in front of mine for a minute or more, which is the good-the fundamental cause of the halo hole is still unknown, and there is no interference with what happened directly.

When I left, I didn’t close the booth door. I just went without looking back and moved out of the booth in the hall. Stopping near the exit, I turned around and looked back briefly. It is easy to see more than ten men, mainly wearing summer business clothes gathered at the end of the hall. I don’t know how many people heard what happened, or whether they wanted to be the one who put the cock in another person’s mouth, or if they wished to their mouth to suck a stranger. There are so many secrets behind closed doors—anyone already knows the essential secret for the second glory hole.